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Postdoc Journal Inviting Contributing Editors..

Postdoc Journal, a Journal of Postdoctoral Research (JPR) and Postdoctoral Affairs (JPA), is currently seeking contributing editors from multiple disciplines. JPR publishes original research papers, reviews, progress articles, commentaries, perspectives and research highlights in ALL disciplines postdocs conduct research in. The journal is chalked out to be a monthly publication set to release on the 20th of each month. Interested postdocs are expected to contribute, at the least, 4 peer reviewed articles per year. The work could be in any of the formats supported by the journal, i.e. commentary, research highlight, progress article, perspectives, review and original research.

Endorsed by an advisory panel of eminent scientists, and managed by a team of 60+ postdocs on the editorial board representing a range of universities and disciplines, JPR has been publishing papers since January of 2013. It is an initiative to highlight the significant contributions made by postdoctoral fellows around the world to ongoing research in ALL disciplines. To capitalize on the steady growth the journal has witnessed since its inception, Postdoc Journal invites applicants from ALL research disciplines to serve as contributing editors.

Interested postdcs may contact the editors-in-chief Dr. Nicole Billings (), Dr. Zi Chen (), senior contributing editor Dr. Raj Loganathan () or any of the editors on the current board.

The journal also encourages postdocs to join the fast-growing editorial team by filling-out the required information on the portal. We soon plan to form specialty sections on the editorial board based on various research disciplines.

Editorial Team.

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