With numerous choices nowadays, picking the ideal shower enclosure can be a challenging task. From plastic drapes to glass doors, your option is actually based on individual choice. Nevertheless, there are some crucial aspects to consider as you search.

Below is a list of the leading 5 factors to consider when picking a restroom shower enclosure.


If money is an issue, it’s constantly best to go with a plastic shower drape rather of a glass enclosure. A quality curtain, tension rod and a set of plastic rings need to run you no greater than $60. Customized glass doors, on the other hand, can cost anywhere from $1,000 – $5,000. Manages, hardware and cut can likewise tack on another few hundred dollars. If you do decide to spend lavishly on glass, expect to pay a premium for a thicker pane.



Smooth, modern-day restroom design typically looks best with glass enclosures. In some cases, shower drapes can add bulkiness and prevent the refined environment you might be trying to attain. Consider who will utilize that particular bathroom. If it’s strictly for the children, a shower curtain in an enjoyable print is the ideal look for that setting. A glass enclosure, nevertheless, may be better for a master bath.



If you’re trying to find a glass enclosure but do not want to spend the cash for a custom style, consider acquiring a DIY package. Home-improvement shops provide a wide array of glass shower doors. And if you wish to install glass along your bathtub, you remain in luck. Most DIY packages are meant for basic tub sizes. All you actually require is a hacksaw, silicone and a drill. It’s not constantly easy setting up a shower door yourself, however you will certainly save money on the cost of a customized task.

Water leakage

The primary function of a shower enclosure is to keep the water in as you bathe. With shower curtains, water can still leak out the bottom – activating mold accumulation along the floorings. Meanwhile, glass enclosures can leak too. Many custom-made designs include glass enclosures without making use of hinges or door clasps. This is to attain a tidy and seamless design. But the lack of these components indicates water can leak out of the narrow area between the pane and door. The leak factor is why customized glass enclosures are less more suitable for kids’s restrooms.

Investment purposes

If you want to sell your house one day at a profit, premium bathroom features are an excellent investment. A customized glass enclosure can include overall value to your property, as opposed to an inexpensive shower curtain. House buyers are often trying to find luxurious finishes, and restrooms are often the top place they look. If equipping all your restrooms with a glass enclosure is too expensive, the master bathroom need to be first priority. Think about purchasing quality hinges and luxurious hardware to complete the style. It is these small finishes that will pull the look together and bring a touch of class to any restroom accessories setting.

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