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About the business model of scientific journals. Is it possible to earn money with them? Or are they for something else? Read the new article at howtopublishinjournals


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I don't buy the idea of paying to publish. I believe that by by paying to publish your work, you are actually undermining it. High quality works are highly sought after; and should actually earn rather than spend.

Well said. However, we all have to start somewhere but the cost should be relatively low.
Thanks for allowing me to share.

I understand some reasonable fees from journals, many journals need them to finance their activities.

Hi Rafael,

You're absolutely correct regarding the "finance of their activies."  We all have to survive and must do our best in all areas.  There are so many educator's trying to make their mark in this world that it just takes time.  You and I both know that.  We all have to climb the ladder.  Education is a "learning experience" (smile).

Have a wonderful day.


Reasonable fees  is necessary for the publication of the paper and It should be low and it all depend upon the Editor and Publisher at the end, so being a publisher it is our duty to come on the lower cost side in term of fees. 

It would not be surprising to see the same type of development in journals as we have seen with New York book publishers.  The volume of self published material in the book area now rivals or even exceeds the traditional NY houses.  There is still a prestige factor, however, associated with the traditional publishers although that is diminishing.  

The Huff Post had a good article recently about the pros and cons of the various approaches in the book area.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/holly-robinson/should-you-self-publis... Many of the same considerations apply to the journal world.

Another factor for many journals is that they are caught in outdated stylized modes of content.  Many of the articles published are submitted for little more than checking the box on the tenure form. Often they contribute little or nothing to the body of useful knowledge.

Thank you for the link, i am publishing a book, and i found it very illustrative. The parallelism i see with journals, is this:

  • Publishing Houses <=> Indexed Journals
  • Indie/Self Publishing <=> Repositories/Working Papers
  • ??? <=> Open Access Journals without Indexation

I think paying to publish in open access journals is a good way to change the closed and quite dark system of private publications. Of course it supposed an important change in the researchers' mind, but necessary to achieve the universal dissemination in the science results. On the other hand, I think for the real universalism of those, another change is needed: the translation of main results in the different disciplines for lay people. Finally, open access does not mean necessary the lack of impact factor. Nevertheless, more quality index should be applied.   


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