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About Gaudeamus

Gaudeamusacademia.com is the place for researchers and journals about publishing in journals. The community's mission is to connect journals and papers, editors and authors.

  • We are an international community of scholars (professor, researchers and journal editors) founded to provide an online tool for academics to help us getting our research published in journals, enabling authors to network with editors and to share what we have learned and discovered about publishing. 
    • Our vocation is global, our EDITORS and SCIENTISTS come from more than 91 countries all over the world, and all fields of knowledge:
  •                                                20%  North America                                                     35%  Business and Economics
                                                   30%  European Union                                                  20%  Science and Engineering 
                                                     8%  Rest of Europe                                                    15%  Health Sciences 
                                                   23%  Asia and the Pacific                                            12%  Arts and Humanities 
                                                     9%  Arab States and Africa                                        18%  Other Social Sciences
                                                   10%  Latin America and the Caribbean
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  • I'm a journal editor
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  • * Gaudeamus or Gaudeamus Igitur (So Let Us Rejoice) is an old Latin ACADEMIC HYMN, mainly sung or performed at university graduation ceremonies in the Americas and Europe. 

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