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Guidelines for Professors and Researchers

WELCOME! Gaudeamusacademia.com is an online community of scholars, founded to help you to find the best journals for your articles, enabling you to network with journals editors.

How can Gaudeamus help me if I'm a professor, researcher or scientist?

  • Search the JOURNALS of your scientific field:
    • Join the journals you think could be useful in the future for your research
    • Network with their editors, they are looking for articles and authors like you
    • Familiarize with the journal’s objectives and its type of research pursued
    • Be attentive and responsive to the communications from journal editors, as calls for papers, call of reviewers, etc.
  • Search or post CONFERENCES and events of your field interest
  • Use the discussion FORUM to communicate or request information to our scholar community, your experience and ideas are very welcome.
  • Network with AUTHORS & EDITORS (professors, researchers and journal editors) or find research collaboration.
  • Invite your peers’ and editors’ contacts to join Gaudeamus and make it a better place for you as a scholar.


And share whatever you thing interesting through your  or  accounts.


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