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Guidelines for Journal Editors

WELCOME! Gaudeamusacademia.com is an international community of scholars from all fields of knowledge, founded to help them to find the right journals for their articles through our directory, and enabling them to network with their editors.

How can Gaudeamus help me if I'm a Journal Editor?

  • Create your JOURNAL:
    • Include the journal’s objectives, indexes, journal web page, etc.
    • Invite professors within the academic community  

and START CAPITALIZING Gaudeamus                           

  • Search ACADEMIC MEMBERS (professors and researchers) of your scientific journal field, and
    • Invite them to join your journal
    • Ask them to participate as reviewers for your journal
    • Search future journal subscribers from the scholar community 
  • Use the discussion FORUM of your journal (or the general one) to communicate or request information to our scholar community, your experience and ideas are very welcome.
  • Post the CONFERENCES you organize:
    • Include dates and narrative of the event or congress, web page, etc.
    • Invite professors within the international academic community
  • Add a PAGE from your JOURNAL to communicate information to the international community of professors and researchers.
  • Invite your contacts and professors to join Gaudeamus and make it a better place for you as journal editor. 


And share everything you post about your journal through your  or  accounts.


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