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Tips for Publishing in Journals

List of suggestions to follow when preparing a paper for publication.


1. Select the right journal for your article

  • Read the Aims and Scope statement
  • Read previously published articles
  • Consider which journals you cite in your own work. Does the journal you wish to submit a paper to fit in?


 2. Talk with colleagues who have a publication record

  • There is much to be learned from others who have published in journals before, and finding a mentor is a great way to gain insight.
  • What can you learn from the experience of your colleagues?
  • Can you find a mentor to offer advice?
  • Could you ask a colleague to undertake a close reading of your paper and provide critical comments?


3. Be clear about what is new and relevant in your work

  • Write a clear abstract
  • Make the title of your article as clear and concise as possible
  • Write a concise cover letter that describes what is new and relevant about your work


4. Follow the Instructions for Authors

  • Use the correct reference style
  • Adhere to word count guidelines and reduce length if necessary
  • Multiple submissions of the same article to different journals is not allowed


5. Seek help with language if necessary

  • Reviewers, editors and readers need to be able to easily understand your language so that they can comprehend your work


6. Utilize the reviewer’s comments in a constructive manner

  • It is very rare for an article to be accepted for publication without some revision
  • This process usually helps to improve the quality of your paper
  • You do not need to accept all recommendations, but you should demonstrate that you have taken the time to consider the points that they have made
  • If any aspect of the reviewer reports is unclear, ask the Editor for clarification
  • Try not to take rejection personally. Even the work of top scholars is rejected on occasion. The key is finding the right journal for your article.


7. Read the proofs thoroughly

  • This is a good opportunity to perform a final check before publication



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